The Multipurpose Seedling Saver

The Root Awl was specifically designed to ease the transition of a seedling to its next growing destination something we commonly call transplanting.  It reduces the amount of handling needed to move the seedling from the place where it was germinated to a larger growing environment, or from packs or flats into the garden.

When the transplant is ready to go into the garden simply use the Root Awl to remove the plant from its container and put it into the prepared soil. If the seedlings roots are very root bound gently tease the roots so that they will be able to grow and spread. With the Root Awl there is no need to pull on the main stem when removing the plant as this may damage the plant.


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Canadian Patent# 2,449,793

United States Patent# 6,966,269

Click here to view the Root Awl as a 3D object.       Use middle mouse or rotate button to view the Root Awl from different angles.       Your browser may require you to go to Solidworks ( ) to install the free eDrawing Viewer. Explorer Users

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