The Multipurpose Seedling Saver

Photo Gallery

Shade Garden

Rock Garden


Tear Drop

Under Construction

One Contented Duck


Bachelor Buttons


Pansy Mix

Rustic Box with Heliotrope and Matthiola Bicornis

Foxglove beside a path

Petunia Pot in the rock garden

Coleus in a window box

Coleus Close-up

Rock garden plant


Planting in an old enamel canner

Purple wave petunias and snow crystal alysum

Mixed urn

Blue nolana, geranium and dusty miller

Elephant ears and lobelia

Golden hues in a rock garden

Tiered planting in a rock garden

The shady side of a hillside rock garden

Green Bells of Ireland in center


Tall Gladiolas and creeping diascia

Plants for shade - Impatiens, snowland daisies and coleus

Homemade willow chair

Homemade willow furniture

Herb display in an old cupboard

Pretty in pink

Our first rock garden

Plectantherus and geranium


Raised rock garen

More raised rock garden

Ornamental cabbage and tagetes marigolds

Our newest rock garden

More tiered plantings

Liatris, kale and spent lilies

Kale and cosmos

Kale and yarrow

Rose wave petunias and tagetes marigolds

More rose wave petunias and tagetes marigolds

View from below

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